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    Saturday, April 30, 2005
    Content management vendors
    * AuthorIT (software) ( (single source)

    * Acuity CMS ( Acuity CMS is a highly affordable, very easy to use content management system that offers a rich set of features despite its low price point. Advanced WYSIWYG editing (using Acuity Visual Editor), advanced code cleaning, menu management, integrated search, and much more. Although targeted at small to medium business, Acuity CMS can run very large and interactive websites. A full online demo is available as well as very open licensing plans for web site developers.

    * Big Medium ( is an inexpensive Perl-based web CMS featuring WYSIWYG text editing, templates for unusually flexible page design, RSS news feeds, clean standards-compliant markup, "one-click editing" and more. Installation is straightforward, and a single installation can manage multiple websites on the same server. A free online demo is available.

    * celum IMAGINE (, Web-based solutions for content and image/media management, J2EE based

    * cm3 (, cm3 provides powerful off-the-shelf web-based management tools driven by a deep and extensible application development platform at a killer price. cm3 is the perfect choice for both large and small organisations to solve today's and tomorrow's data management problems.

    * CityDesk (, a Windows client CMS

    * CommonSpot (, is a ColdFusion-based CMS.

    * Constructioner (, is a high-functional Web Application Development Tool for professional Developers

    * ContentForces CMS ( A CMS for product information management, websites generation and integration with on-line and traditional printed marketing publications: brochures, catalogues and datasheets. Focused on Dutch and Belgian market.

    * contentpapst (, is a PHP/MySQL-based CMS with powerful features for small and mid-sized companies.

    * Dynamicweb ( Multilingual browser based CMS (.NET VB.NET with MS SQLServer or MS Access)

    * Day Communiqué ( Providing content management, portal management and digital asset management in one powerful solution. Day is the leading the JSR 170: Content Repository for JavaTM technology API.

    * Design for Life CMS Content Management ( and easy to use Content Management System for websites of all sizes. Designed for non-technical users with support for streaming media.

    * Documentum ( is probably the largest and most complex enterprise content management system available, but also the most powerful and flexible. The core product offering is the eContent Server or docbase.

    * Dynamix CMS ( Easy-to-use CMS with true WYSIWYG.

    * ElementCMS ( Enterprise level content management solution with workflows, in-context editing and full XHTML compliance

    * evoArticles ( Advanced and powerful article management system. Perfect for a content-based website.

    * FileNet ( is the market leader in enterprise content management solutions. FileNet offers products for Content Management, Business Process Management, Records Management, Web Content Management, and Forms Management.

    * Fusion03 ( is a secure application framework. With natural language error reporting, form feedback, and a dynamic help system Fusion 03 is extremely user friendly.

    * FLUiD CMS 4.5 ( Easy-to-Use, Host-Anywhere, XML/XSL-based, integration Distributed Authoring, Desktop Application - WCM".

    * HardCore Web Content Management ( is a full-featured cross-browser/cross-platform web content management system.

    * Hot Banana ( is an affordable ColdFusion-based content management system.

    * IgnitionWeb ( is the easy-to-use Internet marketing software that empowers businesses to Inform, Promote and Transact online.

    * Immediacy ( UK based content management system acknowledged for ease-of-use

    * Interwoven was the first major enterprise WCM platform.

    * Livelink is a content management system produced by Open Text Corporation.

    * Macromedia Contribute allows for instant web content management. Macromedia (

    * Magnolia Magnolia (

    * Managee ( content management system by Null Studio [101] (

    * Marwel ( nice content management system by QCM [103] (

    * Mediasurface

    * Microsoft has products like Microsoft Content Management Server and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server (

    * Movable Type (

    * MServerSuite ( Web based: Content Management, Integrated online registration and Membership Management. Focused on Membership and Non-Profit organizations.

    * Netdoc ( Tight focus into usability.

    * liveSTORYBOARD CMS ( : secure hosted CMS

    * Oracle Corporation has products like Oracle XML DB.

    * PHLUENT CMS ( Phluent is an ASP Content Management Platform".

    * pirobase CMS ( Content Management System by PIRONET NDH [111] (

    * Polopoly

    * RedDot ( The former "InfoOffice", Enterprise Content Management.

    * Roxen CMS ( has both a commercial version and a free "Personal Edition".

    * Savvy Content Manager ( ColdFusion based web content manager.

    * Simplicis ( is an inexpensive web content management system from Valtira that supports multi-lingual content.

    * Stellent ( The core product offering is the Stellent Content Server.

    * SWAA ( Powerful and easy to use Web Content Management System from Interchile Network. SWAA Stands for Sitio Web Auto Administrable (spanish).

    * Synapse Publisher CMS ( Synapse Publisher goes beyond SEO friendly CMS functionality by providing an SEO Dashboard to allow CMS users to optimize content.

    * Tacklebox CMS ( Tacklebox is offered as a fully-licensed or hosted product.

    * TERMINALFOUR ( TERMINALFOUR are providers of out-of-the-box Enterprise Content Management, Self Service and eForms software based on the Java platform.

    * Tridion CMS ( Tridion R5.1 Content Management Suite".

    * Varius ( CMS and development framework developed by XKO, aimed at the SME market

    * Vignette ( large and expensive CMS, running on many well-known websites like those of The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian or Der Spiegel

    * VergeCMS (, VergeCMS - A Free CMS Tool

    * Visual Content Constructor (

    * VYRE ( A J2EE based CMS with strong Digital Asset Management capabilities.

    * WebEngine CMS ( A web-based CMS by Winsome Benelux completely written in Java.

    * WebX ( A web-based CMS by Webscape AS.

    * WorldServer Global Electronic Publishing ( XML and DITA-based based system for creating, translating, and publishing content to multiple formats.

    * Xitex WebContent M1 ( The enterprise-class J2EE web content management solution by XITEX Software [131] ( Powerful tool for making your website the cornerstone of your business success, which provides you with numerous of pluggable components to enhance its interactivity, as well as makes the content management process as pleasant as it ever could be

    Igor Gramc @ 1:54 PM
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