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    Friday, May 06, 2005
    Paper chase VS Content management
    One large retailer that implemented content management system says. They wanted to implement contract management software and content management system in general.
    What were their experiences during and after the implementation.

    They wanted to be able to work on a different versions of document and to track them all. Content management software made possible to track evolution of documents, contracts etc. Documents which were usually kept on a desks of employees through the company are managed from the central database. Process of creating contract, which includes many iterations is done through contract management software - history of changes is suddenly on a leash.
    Documents and contracts are easily recreated. Letters of agreement (usually start creating contract) can be easy found.
    Besides all of that - security is manageable.
    After the implementation of document management software (or contracts management software) - there is no need to have technical employees to handle such a content - vendor of content management tool must provide easy manageable content management.

    Igor Gramc @ 2:57 AM
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