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    Friday, May 27, 2005
    Content Management and procurement
    UK electronic-government eGov Monitor reports that a slew of government departments are gearing up for a major CMS procurement. These agencies go out into the marketplace after a bespoke system for government-wide use (that reportedly cost 35m pounds) failed to gain much adoption. eGov Monitor cites a compressed procurement cycle, which seems high-risk for such a large technology acquisition. Riskier still is the idea that a single CMS will fit the bill for multiple government departments. Shared services are a great idea, but to succeed, any such offering has to fit a standardized business template, and we think that the department that delivers health care services requires a very different CMS than the department that regulates the environment or the department that publishes statistical information. Still, managing large government sites is hard, and we wish them luck...... "

    Igor Gramc @ 12:40 AM
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