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    Thursday, May 26, 2005
    Content Management and three good reasons
    There are three major ways to enter into the ideas of content management. I'd like to present them to help you understand why content management is so important:

    * Content management gives flesh and bones to today's notions of e-business. If e-business is the process of reaching your constituents with the right information and transactions at the right time, then content management is the way to make an e-business real and workable.
    * Content management is an antidote to today's information frenzy. Web sites are getting out of control; we are expected to harvest good information from wider and wider contributor bases; and we are expected to make information entirely reusable so that it can be distributed at anytime to anyone. Content management can help you organize and direct your information to keep it under control.
    * Content management addresses one of the key unanswered questions of the coming Information Age: "How is it possible to give particular value and substance to a 'piece' of information?" Content management systems create and manage pieces of information and tag them with all the information you might need to figure out what they are worth.

    Igor Gramc @ 10:46 PM
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