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    Thursday, June 23, 2005
    Fwd: The Business Challenges That Contract Management Solve
    The digitization of contract management business promises immense benefits to companies. It has also given rise to an
     threat to overwhelm and stifle corporate productivity concerning contract management. Some studies conclude that
    simply locating and accessing the proper contract information can occupy more than 50% of a knowledge
    worker's time.
    Many if not all mid- to large-sized businesses will implement some sort of business-to-employee
    contract management portal in the next decade. Businesses implement B2E portals for a few primary reasons:
    • To reduce time and effort spent searching for contract management data, and the duplication of effort that
    results when information cannot be found.
    • To leverage existing assets by providing a secure sign-in point for accessing the multiple
    applications and contract management sources they are authorized to use.
    • To reduce cost by enabling employees to engage in self-service .
    A well-conceived enterprise contract management portal can deliver immense productivity gains and a
    significant return on investment. The challenge for businesses today is to ensure that contract management
    projects facilitate the flow of information without introducing burdensome new procedures and
    administrative costs.

    Igor Gramc @ 6:11 AM
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